UPDATE: I-80 opening in Nebraska

By: KLKN Newsroom

Interstate 80 has opened at Lincoln Exit 395, westbound.  Eastbound lanes at Kearney have opened moving eastward.  I-80 from Lincoln to Kimball had been shut down earlier Thursday afternoon due to ice and snow-packed conditions.

Motorists are encouraged to keep up to date with the latest weather and road conditions by utilizing 511 Nebraska's Advanced Traveler Information System. 511 can be accessed via the Internet at www.511.nebraska.gov or by dialing 511 from any cell phone or land line.

By: Kayla Bremer

Wednesday's snow storm has left thousands stranded in the state along I–80 after it was closed. 

Truck stops on West O are overflowing with semis, many of them having to line up on both sides of the road, leaving travelers and drivers stranded with nothing to do but wait.

Many of them have been at the truck stops since Wednesday night when high winds and white out conditions caused a majority of Interstate 80 to be shut down.

“Horrible!” Ben Moon said about the road conditions.  “I got an empty trailer so I was all over.  The trailer literally took up both lanes one time and I slid through a couple lights.”

Thursday afternoon, the traffic was at a stand still on westbound I–80 in north Lincoln.

Gas stations and truck stops were the stopping point for many.  Some didn't find out the interstate was closed until they got into Lincoln and were forced to pull over.

“Better notice of the interstate being closed would have been nice but other than that yeah everybody's pretty calm mannered you know… friendly because of the situation,” Bryan Bowling said.

Many truckers spent time with others stranded as a way to pass time, while another built a snowman on the back of his trailer.

Drivers say although they can't wait to get back on the road, this is all a part of the job during winter.

“You go with the flow,” Moon said.  “You drive slower…really have to pay attention.  I've been doing it 20 years and well I come to find out speed does kill so we go really slow.  Especially the lighter you are the less traction you got to stop.”