I-80 six-lane expansion completion delayed due to weather conditions

By: Lauren Fabrizi

It's been two months since the ribbon cutting ceremony of the I-80 six-lane expansion project, and the stretch from 56th Street to the Waverly Interchange has still not been completed.

“It's just kind of an inconvenience because it's a major road,” Jana Wentzel said. “It should be done because a lot of people use it.”

“It would be nice to have it done, so it wouldn't be as congested when we need to get to the places we need to get to,” Kurt Stephens added.

Other drivers said they aren't too bothered by the delay.

“I do a lot of driving on highway 6, so it doesn't affect me a whole lot,” Scott Howard said.

Department of Roads officials said the only thing left to do is stripe the pavement, but they said the winter weather conditions haven't allowed for that.

“The colder temperatures are not conducive to placing the lane markings needed to open to three lanes of traffic in each direction,” Mary Jo Oie of the department said. “At this time, the NDOR is uncertain exactly when this can occur as the contractor will need a window of warmer temperatures and no moisture in order to perform the work needed.”

Some drivers said they understand they need to wait it out a little longer.

“We had that one day that it was 30 below, so I wouldn't want to be painting in that either,” Stephens said.