Jericho, NY, March 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Falls City, NE: A Nebraska woman received the shock of a lifetime February 28th when she was surprised by America’s most welcome drop-in guests.  

Thelma Hayes of Falls City, NE, was paid a surprise visit Tuesday by the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol who named her the winner of the company’s  “Forever Prize”. Thelma will receive $5,000 a week for the rest of her life, then after that, someone she chooses will receive $5,000 a week for his or her life.  

Mrs. Hayes was stunned at the Prize Patrol’s arrival — with a giant prize certificate and bouquets of roses and balloons.  The unannounced, videotaped surprise notification of the winner is a Publishers Clearing House tradition.   

At 3:50 pm there was a knock on the door. Thelma opened it and exclaimed “awesome!” The PCH Prize Patrol was standing there with roses, balloons, champagne and a Big Check. Within moments Thelma’s granddaughters were on the porch, all totally awestruck, excited, ready to celebrate and share the news with family members working nearby.  To underscore the reality of the win, Thelma was handed $5,000 in cash.  What to do with the rest? Pay off and fix up the house, help the granddaughters with college, and who knows what else — “it’s just unbelievable!”  Thelma and husband Keith are well respected in town — she for her work with Meals on Wheels etc., and he as a former sheriff.  

Her winning moment can be found here

For those who didn’t have Thelma’s luck this time around, there are always more opportunities to win.  The company faithfully awards prizes worth millions of dollars annually.  Consumers can enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes through the PCH app or by visiting the company’s website:  

Publishers Clearing House, a direct marketer of magazine subscriptions and merchandise, was founded in Port Washington, NY in 1953.  Its name has become synonymous with the sweepstakes and prizes it has used since 1967 to draw attention to the “unbeatable” deals and values offered in its colorful mailings.  Nearly half of the Publishers Clearing House profits are donated to charitable causes ranging from social services to the environment.   For more information, visit

For more information contact Howie Guja of the Prize Patrol at 631-374-9351


Howie Guja Publishers Clearing House 631-374-9351

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