Icy conditions threaten I-80 travelers

Posted by: Abigail Wood

Michael Sparks and Jay Parkinson had to pull off the highway near NW 48th and I-80 Sunday afternoon to scrape thick slabs of ice from their car. They’d started the drive in from Kearney earlier in the morning in an attempt to beat the ice, driving past the scene of a major accident near Kearney.

"We were kinda wondering why there was no traffic heading west, Sparks said. "We got further down the road and all of a sudden we saw trucks jackknifed into the median into the side roads we saw a car overturned and then there were two trucks too."

Luckily, no one was injured in the Kearney pile-up, which officials say was caused by ice, but it did encourage the couple to keep a sharp eye out and drive carefully.
Phillip Graham, coming from Chadron, said he saw accidents lining the road.
"It was slick," he said. "We slowed down, had our headlights on, went around the accident. There were trucks all over. In the median, in the ditches, both sides."