Icy Roads Bring Business To Towing Companies

With the cold weather and slippery roads, accidents are happening all around the Capitol City.

This is bad news for motorists but for towing places and automotive repair shops, business is booming.  

The Lincoln Police Department has been busy all day responding to accidents. On a typical day they receive about 25 calls. Already Monday they've responded to more than 60. We got a chance to see some of them as we went along for the ride with Capital Towing in Lincoln.

It's cold. You work as fast as you can and get in the truck and go. On days like this with temperatures in the single digits and icy roads makes for a busy day at Lincoln's Capital Towing.

They've received more than 330 calls in the last week, with 10 different trucks responding to calls, Justin Golter says he'll respond to about 8 to 12 by himself.

Golter says each day is different. This day he spent most of his calls at accidents like these.  And once Capital Towing does their job they pass the cars off to places like Husker Automotive.

Owner Tom Malone says the atmosphere at his shop has been simply crazy, with just 3 people working they fix about 15 cars a day.  But he says with weather conditions how they are there's plenty more than that coming in, and its a hard business to keep up with.

Sub zero temperatures are hard on everything automotive, batteries, you name it and there are failures.

And Husker Automotive says they haven't had any problems keeping things like batteries and different parts in but its getting to all the cars that people are bringing in that's been difficult.