Identity thieves target new victims

By: Megan Palera

Identity thieves have found a new target: children. You may be wondering, why go after a child's identity? Because it's the perfect crime. They have a clean slate, and you usually don't know anything's wrong until it's too late.

The last thing on Joan Marr-Nicols mind is worrying about the credit score of her 4-year-old great granddaughter. But according to a new report, identity thieves aren't just targeting adults anymore, they're going after children.

“That is another concern. It's like, you can't be too careful anymore,” said Marr-Nichols. The new report from All Clear ID, an identity protection company, found that the number of identity theft cases against children ages five and younger has skyrocketed by 105 percent over the last year.

“Me being a fairly new parent, it just gives me one more thing to be paranoid and scared about,” said Brock Wettstead. Scared is exactly how a Harvard Nebraska family feels right now.

19-year-old Corbin Russell just found out his social security number was used in a death benefit claim for a man in South Carolina. His credit has been ruined for the past two years now and his scholarship applications are being denied.

So what can you do to protect your kids? Police say it's never too early to request a free credit report for your son or daughter, and Russell agrees.

The Russell's say it could take two weeks to two years to clear up the matter. Senator Johann's office is helping them family to fix the problem.

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