Illegal Immigration Law

Nebraska's immigration debate rages on.

The Fremont City Council just approved the town's ban on hiring or renting to illegal immigrants, unanimously.

Voters already said yes to the ban on hiring or renting to illegal immigrants back in June.

People in Fremont packed the city hall  to see how the council would vote.

So many showed up they had to stand outside.

Supporters of the ban waved flags and say Fremont needs the new rules because the federal government isn't doing enough to keep illegal immigrants out of the country.

Opponents say the ban will lead to discrimination against Hispanics who are American citizens, “illegal immigration needs to stop we need to have people in the country who've applied and paid their fees those are the people we want here.”

 “We've heard lots of reports of people being treated badly in public in addition to behavior we'd seen before what we're really looking for is for our leaders to step up and clarify what this ordinance means for our town.”

With the council's approval the law could go into effect in the next two weeks.

But the American Civil Liberties Union is promising to challenge the policy in court.

And that suit could stop the ban from going into effect.