Immigration Candlelight Vigil

In light of last week's immigration raids at 6 different Swift meat packing plants, several groups held vigils protesting the actions of the immigration officials but those groups also met with some opposition.  

The event had been planned weeks ago, but last week's raids have given these vigils a lot more attention from people on both sides of the fence.   They came together for one cause, to unite families separated by what they call a broken immigration system and to show their dislike for the Swift plant raids.  They are stunned and shocked, immigration officials would tear apart families, especially during the holidays.

Those walking in the vigil didn't walk alone.  Those in favor of the raids made sure they too were heard. Many of them feel the country has done nothing to stop the illegal immigration problem and blame the government for not doing more.   

The vigil's all took place in the 6 different states where the raids went down.   Including one in Grand Island tonight as well.