Increase in gun permits and sales since Connecticut shooting

By: Ashley Harding

The national debate over gun laws after the Newtown tragedy is seeing effects right here in Lancaster County. Gun shops are getting a boost and permit applications are up. Sheriff's officials say this is pretty common after a shooting spree, especially if politicians are talking about adding new legislation. 

At Nebraska Gun, the phone is ringing off the hook and business is up. Many prospective buyers looking to get their hands on quality firearms. With talks of possible new gun control legislation, Adam McKeeman says he's shopping now.

“I might as well get mine now, so hopefully, I can get grand fathered in. So that way, you know, they can't take them from me,” said McKeeman.

Since last Friday's mass shooting in Connecticut, there's been a 50-70% spike in business at Nebraska Gun. Owners say the majority of the interest being in military style rifles such as AR–15's and AK-47's. But the demand for a physical firearm isn't the only thing that's up. Sheriff's officials say they're seeing a climb in applications for gun permits.

 “Obviously there's a lot of talk of gun control in some of the forums. So you'll see an increase in handgun purchase permit applications because of it,” said Sheriff Terry Wagner.

He says there were 55 applications on Tuesday alone. More women are applying now than they have in previous years. Wagner says more than likely, the trend will continue. Some say now really is the right time.

“You never know when anything could happen. I'd just like to protect myself and my friends, and those closest to me,” said McKeeman.

Gun permits are valid for 3 years.

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