Independence Day Celebrations Rained Out

For nearly 30,000 people it was a disappointment to hear how the annual Uncle Sam Jam and Seward celebrations wouldn't be ending with a bang tonight.

While it's usually excitement and enthusiasm at the site of the city's annual independence day celebration, Sunday it was just dampened soil and spirits.

“Well we thought maybe everything would be canceled but we came to check it out just in case,”Kristin Reynolds tried to head out to the lake Sunday afternoon.

But incase you thought that means you missed out on an opportunity to ooh and ah at the show in the sky, fortunately, you're wrong.

Uncle Sam Jam Coordinator Dave Norris says “on with the show” just a day late.

“The park will be available to us tomorrow night, the star tran buses are available as well. So a little bit of a disappointment but when mother nature wants to throw a wrench into your plans there's nothing you can really do except just make the best of it,”Norris said.

And that's exactly what the Uncle Sam Jam coordinators and the city of Seward are doing.

In an effort to keep everyone dry both celebrations will continue their fourth of July festivities Monday night.

In Lincoln it will all start back up at 5 o'clock with fireworks at ten.

In Seward, they plan to end their successful weekend with a bang, their fireworks will also take place at ten.

And the city says don't worry it'll all be just as fun on the fifth.

“A lot of people think we still had record numbers last year when we had our rain out so who knows what that's going to be like with preexisting plans that people may have had but we made the right decision to do this I'm glad we could get it called off early enough to let people know about it,” Norris said.