Indiana doctor faces murder charges in Omaha

By: Brittany Paris

It's a case of possible revenge. Dr. Anthony Garcia, 40, of Terre Haute, IN will now face murder charges.

He was a medical resident at Creighton University in 2001. Professors Roger Brumback and William Hunter fired Garcia for erratic behavior.

Now, 11 years later, he's accused of murder.

In May, Brumback was found fatally shot in his home. His wife, Mary, was found stabbed to death. And back in 2008, Hunter's 11-year-old son and housekeeper were found stabbed to death as well.

The murders have been linked back to Garcia.

On Wednesday, he appeared in court and agreed to waive his extradition.

“You are basically consenting to the authorities from Nebraska to take you back to that state to deal with these charges. Do you understand that,” a judge asked.

“Absolutely, yes,” Garcia replied.

Omaha officials said they've gone over evidence and have been monitoring Garcia for a while. He was arrested Monday in southern Illinois.

“I'm able to provide a sense of closure to the victim's families, Creighton University and the Omaha community,” Omaha Police Chief, Todd Schmaderer, said in a press conference.

Garcia's attorney said he's denying the allegations. But his neighbors in Terre Haute said they've wondered about Garcia's behavior.

“There's been cops at his house before and so we always wonder. Weeks at a time we won't ever see his car or anyone leave. Just very weird,” one neighbor said.

The Douglas County Attorney said he's considering the death penalty for Garcia.