Indoor farmer’s market returns to Lincoln

Posted by: Abigail Wood

With the weather getting progressively colder, you wouldn’t expect a farmer’s market to be opening, but that’s just what happened Sunday. 

"We’re doing to the Holiday Harvest Farmer’s Market with 23 local producers and an abundance of local fall harvest vegetables," said coordinator Megan Jackson. "At 10 o’clock you have the die-hards, here for their brussel sprouts…It gets kind of cutthroat actually."

It’s near Park Blvd and Van Dorn. Many people think of summer as peak farmer’s market season, but vendors say their winter goods are in high demand.

"This stuff can be grown fresh even in the winter," farmer Gordon Miller. "It’s fresher. It’s picked more mature rather than picked green and gone through a 20-day shipping process."
"I’ve come to the market since it started, I think it’s been going on for about 4 or 5 years," said shopper Andrea Anthony. "The carrots are sweeter and really nice, and the greens are really, really good."
They say having it inside with music brings a fun atmosphere. 
"This is really the heartbeat of the community," Jackson said. "Food is something we all connect to, and the farmers that are growing it, and the people that want it."

The market does match snap benefits. There will be two more holiday harvest markets, one December 4th and one December 18th. Both will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.