Interstates drivers staying off the roads

By: Sabrina Ahmed 

The interstates obviously are also really bad, and it even has I–80 closed in some parts. 

The extremely slick conditions of the highways and I–80 are causing a lot of drivers to clear the roads.  Some by choice, and others after accidents.

Motorists started noticing the roads getting bad west of Lincoln hours ago.  And many truck drivers say they decided to call it a night.

“If I had to go back out there again, I would, but given the choice, I wouldn't,” truck driver Jeff Neal said.

But for those who still have hours of driving ahead of them, the seasoned roads men have a few wise words for the people bearing the storm.

“They need to be off the road.  If they're afraid, then they need to be off the road,” Driver Jim Miller said.

“Cars give us plenty of room, plenty of time.  If they try to cut us off, it's not real smart,” Neal said.

Truck drivers aren't the only ones out in this winter storm.  Some ended up in the ditch.

State Patrol said, since the snow started, more than 30 cars have landed there.  Most of them needed a little help getting to the closest stop.

“Thankfully for nice highway patrolman Derek, gave me a ride here so I was grateful for that,” Mike Brown said.

Brown said he was coming back to Lincoln to help get his wife to work the next day.  Since he ended up in the ditch too, he cautions drivers.  If you don't need to be out there, you should stay home.

You can always get the latest on the road conditions by calling 511.