Iraqi Woman Loses Family in Middle East

Many Iraqi refugees escaped the power of Sadam Hussein by fleeing to America. One woman who now lives in Lincoln has seen death first hand and now worries about other family members. One week after the war began some Iraqis are getting closer to the taste of freedom. But one Iraqi refugee has already been through war casualties when her family's home was bombed not too long ago.

Recently Iraqi refugee Zainab Al-Baaj has seen the consequences of war. A distant family member's home was bombed and everyone in it died, but one. And while her husband and children are with her in Lincoln, other family in Iraq are patiently waiting until they're free. Right now Zainab's family can't leave their house because they fear for their safety and they have no running water, or electricity.

But American and British troops are getting closer and closer to their home in Basra.All they can do is wait. Zainab is hoping the war will be over soon. She's still planning on going to Iraq for a 2 week visit in July. She hasn't seen her family since 1991.