Iromuanya Sentence Reduced

 Lucky iromuanya, the man convicted of second-degree murder in the death of UNL soccer player Jenna Cooper, has had his sentenced reduced.

And he may have an eventual chance at parole. His attorney says he will have a chance at parole in 35 years.  

The Nebraska Supreme Court has decided to reduce 25-year old Lucky Iromuanya's life sentence to 75 years to life in prison.  

Iromuanya was convicted of second degree murder for the death of 21-year-old UNL soccer player Jenna Cooper.  In 2004, Cooper and her roommate Lindsey Ingram held a party, where Iromuanya, who didn't know either of the girls, showed up with a friend.   After a scuffle broke out, iromuanya fired a gun.  A bullet grazed Nolan Jenkins' head, and struck Jenna Cooper in the neck, killing her.

Iromanya's attorney spoke to him Friday. “Obviously he's grateful that he's not going to die in prison or he has a chance to not die in prison depending on what the parole board does in 35 years.”  

Lindsey Ingram and Nolan Jenkins have since gotten married, and both of them say they have tried their best to move on from the tragedy that struck their group of friends.  “A relief that it's over it's done I mean he's still in prison and that's fine with me I'm just glad it's over.” 

In their decision to reduce Iromuanya's sentence, the Nebraska Supreme Court said the judge in his case should have taken into account his lack of a significant criminal history. During his first sentencing, Iromuanya stated that he never had intentions to kill.  Nolan Jenkins Feels no matter what Iromanya's intentions were, he still committed a crime. “I was not hoping for life or anything i just wanted him to have plenty of time to sit in his cell and think of what he did, it wasn't a simple crime it was devastating to many many people.”   

Irmuanya's attorney says he hopes to be granted a new trial.