Irving Middle School went on lockout

Posted By: Sarah Fili

Irving Middle School went on lockout Friday afternoon after Lincoln Police say a student reported that another student had left the building and come back with a gun. Irving immediately called police.

Lincoln Public Schools say it was a false report. After searching grounds officers say the student did not have a weapon and the lockout was lifted. But that didn’t quell parents’ nerves about the situation. One mother who didn’t her identity revealed says this is her worst nightmare.

“It’s terrifying, I thought there was somebody, you don’t think your kids are ever going to have to go through something like this. And they did,” she said.

She says tonight, she’ll have to have a tough talk with her children.

“You have to talk to them about it you know our dinner table conversations are not necessarily about what’s going on in the world and they’re 11 year old boys that shouldn’t have to worry about this kind of stuff,” she said.

Another mother we spoke with says she’s glad she got an email from the school as the incident was happening. But she’s sad it happened at all, saying things like this are becoming all too regular. Tonight, she’ll hug her kids a little tighter.

"I will tell them it’s a reality in your life you need to know how to protect yourself and others and know the right thing to do,” Joyce Chao, an Irving parent, said.

Lincoln Police say there won’t be any disciplinary action taken. No word on what the school may do.

Here’s a copy of the email sent to parents:

Irving families,

We want to inform you that Irving went into Lockout today after it was reported that a student who had left the building had a weapon. Our staff quickly notified the Lincoln Police Department who made contact with the student and found they did not have a weapon in their possession. The police will continue to investigate the incident.

We appreciate the quick response by our staff and Lincoln Police Department in making sure our students remained safe.

If your child has any information about this incident, we ask that you please contact the school. Also, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jason Shanahan