Is a Lincoln Manufacturing Company Making Residents Sick?

After 3 years of complaints against a Lincoln business one neighborhood is beginning to see some changes. But are they coming fast enough and will they solve the problem? Neighbors living near Lincoln Plating are upset because of two things; loud noise and potentially dangerous chemicals coming from the building. But the company says they're taking steps to fix the problem.

The Health Department says they sent dust samples taken from the area to an Omaha lab two years ago and found no levels of toxic pollutants. But iron and traces of chromium are generated from the polishing that goes on inside. But the dust isn't the only problem, neighbors complain of noise.

Lincoln Plating told the health department they plan to install sound absorbing insulation and seal the east windows. Those windows face the neighborhood. Lincoln Plating also says they will install a new dust collection system in the next 3 months which should eliminate at least 95 to 98 percent of all fugitive emissions.

The health department says it will follow up those proposed changes. They want to see the problems fixed by the end of this year.