It’s a proposed 10-mile prairie grass trail starting in Pioneer’s Park

Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

Lincoln is often called the silicone prairie, but a group of Lincoln residents want to embrace the prairie a little more.

"Let’s claim the tall grass prairie as our own. Let’s embrace it and let’s protect it,” Michael Forsberg, chair of the Prairie Corridor Cabinet said.

The prairie corridor is a project that would create a ten mile trail surrounded by natural prairie grasses along the Haines branch of the Salt Creek.

It would start in Pioneers Park, where a portion of the project has already been completed.

The trail would follow Salt Creek through Denton and connect with the Spring Creek Aubodon Prairie Center.

Supporters say this will benefit the city in three ways:

Economic- by bringing visitors and keeping them here longer.

A Pinnacle Bank representative says it would encourage young, educated people to come to Lincoln to live, and work.

It will also be a conservation effort, bringing back a natural landscape that once covered the state, and providing a habitat for wildlife.

While also providing educational opportunities, and increase awareness of natural resources.

The project is funded both by private donors and public funds.

Including a potential $400,000 that’d be transferred from the city of Lincoln to the Lincoln Parks Foundation.

That funding, along with two other items regarding the corridor will be brought to the city council for public hearing and a vote on December 18.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry is also in support of this project and is proposing a bill that would allow federal funds to be used for the prairie corridor.

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