Ivan Henk In Court Monday

The man accused of killing his 4-year-old son was in court Monday. Ivan Henk was in court for a preliminary hearing. As he was being led from a courtroom, Henk turned to the boy's mother and said, quote, “I miss you.” The mother, Rebecca Gonzalez, fired back, quote “We don't miss you!'' To that, Henk responded, quote “I'll get you. I'll see you.''

After the hearing, Gonzalez said she was not surprised by Henk's disruption in court. It came nearly six months after Henk yelled in a courtroom that he killed his son because he believed the boy was the anti-Christ.

Brendan Gonzalez has been missing since January. Henk's arraignment on a first-degree murder charge was continued until November 3rd while a judge considers motions by Henk's attorney.