Japan Eases Ban On U.S Beef

It's been ten months since a single case of mad cow disease was discovered in the United States, leading Japan to place a ban on any importation of beef from U.S cattle. Here in Nebraska, that meant hard times for many cattle producers. Before the ban, Japan was the U.S beef industry's biggest customer, so any easing of the ban is good news for Nebraska's farmers. But there are restrictions in the new agreement that will continue to make life difficult for many farmers. The importation of beef from America will only be accepted if the cow is less than 20 months old. Also, farmers have to have the documentation to prove it. Farmers tell Channel Eight they are concerned that since Japan has eased it's restriction on U.S beef, the U.S will have to ease it's restriction on Canadian beef.if that happens. They say the U.S market will be flooded with Canadian beef, driving prices right back down.