UPDATE: Nikko Jenkins found guilty of murder

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Twelve counts. Four deaths. One word: Guilty.

Nikko Jenkins, the Omaha man accused in the shooting deaths of four people in 10 days last summer, now stands convicted.

Jenkins filed a handwritten motion last Friday, stating his intent to plead guilty. And on Wednesday, he did.

He acted as his own attorney, admitting to the murders of Juan Pena and Jorge Ruiz; Curtis Bradford, a former fellow prisoner; and Andrea Kruger, wife and mother of three.

But soon after, Jenkins claimed the prosecution's evidence was incorrect, saying he didn't remember any of the murders.

That's when Jenkins switched to no contest pleas. The judge accepted them, despite saying a week ago he would not.

“The judge has a discretion, wants to make sure there's a solid factual basis on any plea,” Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said.

It's been an emotional ride for the families of the victims. Not too long ago, Jenkins pleaded not guilty after arguing he wasn't competent to stand trial. He claimed he didn't receive the proper medical attention while in prison.

Now, after two hours in the courtroom, the families are emotionally spent.

“I'm ready for the next stage, I am,” Velita Glasgo, Curtis Bradford's mother, said. “I'm glad that there is a guilty verdict, but I'm ready to move on. This is too hard for me, this is too hard for my family, it's too much.”

Andrea Kruger's husband, Michael-Ryan, said he can't decide whether this is justice.

Jenkins' sentence now faces a three–judge panel, which will likely convene this summer. He'll either get life in prison or the death penalty.


Posted by: KLKN Newsroom

UPDATE: Omaha, NE- A judge found Nikko Jenkins guilty in the murders of four people last summer.

Judge Peter Bataillion accepted Jenkins' no contest plea on Wednesday to four counts of murder and eight weapons charges. A no-contest plea acknowledges there is enough evidence to convict but it is not an admittance of guilt. Jenkins acted as his own attorney.

Prosecutors accused Jenkins of killing Curtis Bradford, Juan Pena, Jorge Ruiz and Andrea Kruger in a 10-day killing spree last summer just days after his release from prison.


OMAHA, Neb. (AP) A man charged with four counts of first-degree murder in the slayings of four Omaha people last summer is expected to plead guilty to the charges in court on Wednesday.

Douglas County District Judge Peter Bataillon scheduled the hearing after 27-year-old Nikko Jenkins filed a hand-written motion Friday saying he wants to plead guilty. Jenkins is acting as his own attorney in the criminal case.

Jenkins is accused of shooting to death four people in three separate attacks over 10 days after he was released from prison on July 30.    

Jenkins had previously pleaded not guilty to four murder and eight weapons charges, claiming he didn't receive proper mental health treatment while in prison.