Jim Cantore covers the storm in Lincoln

By: Brittany Paris

Snow and slick roads are not the only things this winter storm has brought to Lincoln.

Earlier this week, there were talks of up to a foot of snow expected in parts of Nebraska, so The Weather Channel sent the guy who has been through it all.

“Winter is definitely the funner time of the year,” Jim Cantore, The Weather Channel Meteorologist, said. “You get the adrenaline rush. The weather guy in me is like 'yeah!'”

Jim Cantore got to Lincoln Wednesday night to prepare. Crowds of fans came to take pictures and to get his autograph.

But with this storm being so widespread, why Lincoln?

“A couple days ago Lincoln looked like they were going to get hammered,” Cantore said. “They were kind of in the zone of about 18 to 24 inches. So the call is to always get in the big stuff.”

The weather team has been set up at 10th and Q Streets for hours, updating the entire nation on the storm that's hitting the Capitol City.

And while most of us cringe when we hear 'Winter Storm Warning,' Cantore can't get enough of it.

“At the end of the day, this is good news,” Cantore said. “You ask a farmer around here if they're happy or not. If one of them says no, they're not a farmer.”

Cantore and his crew are planning on leaving tomorrow afternoon and are not yet sure where they're headed next.