Johanns Looking Ahead

The Governor held his first press conference Nebraska Friday, since he was nominated as the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. He says “…for kid who grew up on a dairy farm, it couldn't get any better. It's my passion.” As to what Johanns plans to do as Secretary of Agriculture, he wouldn't say, citing the fact he has yet to be confirmed.

Dave Heineman is equally excited to take over as the state's next governor. As the state and Johanns are gearing up for change, it's change that is leaving some surprised. Johanns was expected to run for Senate in 2006. But the Governor says the Ag job is a dream, and his campaigning days are over for now. As to who will become the next lieutenant governor, Mr. Heineman is not commenting. But some of the names being circulated include state senators Curt Bromm of Wahoo and Mike Foley of Lincoln.