Joplin native talks about tornado

Chris Graves lives in Lincoln now, but spent most of his life in Joplin.  He has close family friends still living there who are coping with aftermath of Sunday's E-F5 tornado.

Chris says, “A good friend of mine, he's kind of like my little brother, called me and told me that the tornadoes were running through there and that he was going to search for his grandma.”

His friend's grandmother became one of more than 120 people to lose their lives that day.  Hundreds more are still missing.   Graves says it's been hard getting a hold of loved ones.  “I had some really good friends and some former co-coworker and it bothers me because I just don't know.  That's the worst thing, not knowing.”

Chris says the town he called home was a growing community with great people and a lot of potential.  “It looks like they're still building it…except for cars everywhere and destruction. It's just, it's heartbreaking, it really is.”

Graves is going through training to become a volunteer with the Red Cross.  Once cleared, he plans to go back home to Joplin to help in any way possible.