Jose Sandoval Murder Trial Underway in Aurora

The trial of accused ringleader in the Norfolk bank slayings got underway in Hamilton County Court Monday morning. Jose Sandoval is charged with five counts of first-degree murder for the shooting deaths of four US Bank employees and a customer.

On Monday he was face to face with the twelve jurors who will ultimately decide his was a very emotional day in court. Graphic pictures and words took up most of the day. Victims families wiped away tears as Sandoval stared straight ahead.

Security was very tight outside the courthouse for this murder suspect. Police had rifles in hand. Inside the courtroom the defense and prosecution presented their opening arguments to the jury made up of six men and six women. Madison County Attorney Joe Smith told the jury that he will use surveillance video and photos to show Jose Sandavol personally killed three of the victims and led what he called an assault team.

Victims families wiped away tears as a Madison County deputy who was one of the first on the scene painted a vivid picture of what he saw at the US Bank. He told jurors he could smell the blood in the air, and he added the smell of burnt gunpowder was very strong. Graphic pictures of the five victims were also presented to the jury.

Sandavol's attorney urged jurors to not base there verdict on emotions or sympathy. The trial was moved to Hamilton county on a change of venue request by Sandoval's attorney. The trial is expected to last several weeks. If convicted, Sandavol could face the death penalty.