UPDATE: Judge sentences Dennard for probation violation

Posted By:  Brittany Paris

Former Husker and current New England Patriot, Alfonzo Dennard, can breathe a little easier.

He was facing possibly up to 6 years in jail, but instead got 30 days, which he'll have to start serving next March. That's on top of 30 days for hitting a Lincoln Police Officer last year.

But with credit for good time and 3 days already served, he'll spend 35 days behind bars.

When we asked him if he had a comment, Dennard said, “I don't really feel like talking right now.”

The judge also added another year to his probation, making it 3 years, and he'll have to complete another 100 hours of community service.

The state agreed to these terms as long as he doesn't have or consume alcohol.

Dennard was originally on probation for punching a police officer and resisting arrest in April of 2012, just days before he was chosen for the NFL draft. Exactly three months later, he was stopped on suspicion of a DUI, which he admits to.

His lawyer says the former Husker wants to show the court he's learned his lesson.

Dennard has been working with a probation officer in Massachusetts, passing random drug and alcohol tests, and completed 65 hours of community service.

Although he left the courthouse without saying much, Dennard says he knows he made a big mistake and is sorry for letting his family and team down.

He's got one more hurdle, though. A hearing is scheduled on Friday in county court for him to be sentenced for drinking and driving.

Before Dennard left the court room, the judge warned him, people always ask her for once last chance and this was his last chance.