Jury Selection Underway in Murder Trial

Jury selection began Tuesday in the Brandy Blair murder trail. Blair is charged with child abuse resulting in death after her 22-month old son was found dead in his bedroom last June.

Tuesday both the prosecution and defense worked to narrow down the jury pool to the 12 men and women who will hear the case. But that's not going to be an easy task. Almost all of the jurors questioned Tuesday, said they knew about the case because of media reports. You may recall it was last June, that police say Blair spent two days visiting friends and smoking meth while her son was in an upstairs bedroom of her home. The boy was later found dead and an autopsy showed 22-month-old Christian Reifler was de-hydrated malnourished but died of electrocution.

Now jury selection will resume here in Lincoln Wednesday. Both sides hoping to have a jury set by as soon as possible.