Kawasaki shows off new rail car test facility

By:  Melina Matthes

Kawasaki is showing off its new rail car testing center at its production plant in Lincoln.

The new 36,000-square-foot test track and building are the culmination of a three year expansion, and now the plant can test multiple rail car projects simultaneously.

The Kawasaki Plant in Lincoln is the only rail car plant in North America that builds passenger cars from the ground up and tests them on site.  

“This is a great day for Kawasaki as we cut the ribbon for the KMM test track. This is a definite milestone in our history as we are now able to conduct static testing of our completed cars in our new function test facility and conduct dynamic run testing on our new 2000 foot test track,” said Deputy Plant Manager Bryan Saucerman.

Once the rail cars have been thoroughly tested they are shipped by rail all across the country to the customers.

“Truly a historic day out here at Kawasaki.  It's a historic day for the city of Lincoln and it's a historic day for the state of Nebraska,” said Mayor Chris Beutler.

During the ceremony Mayor Beutler presented the Mayor's Medallion to Kawasaki. It's an honor to those who make significant contributions to our society.

“I believe that this is a new big change for Kawasaki.  Kawasaki is still growing up. A brilliant future is waiting for us,”  said Kawasaki President Matsuhiro Asano.

The Kawasaki Plant here in Lincoln has 1,500 employees.  489 of those work solely in the rail car facility.