Keep Your Pets Warm and Healthy in the Winter

In this extremely cold weather, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department wants us to remember our four legged friends. Here are some suggestions to help keep your pets warm and healthy in the winter.

Antifreeze tastes sweet to pets but is poisonous if consumed. Antifreeze and coolants that are essentially nontoxic are available at many auto supply stores.

Remember, ice-melting chemicals can irritate and burn the pads of your pets' feet. When your pet comes in from the cold, used a damp towel to wipe off it's feet.

Your pet may look for a warm resting place inside so remember space heaters pose a triple threat. Your pet may chew the cord, burn itself on the heater, or knock it over and start a fire.

Staying warm requires extra calories. Pets may need more food if kept outdoors for the winter, or less food if brought inside for the winter.

Always provide fresh, clean water for your pet. If the weather is cold, it's essential to check their water for ice formation and remove the ice.

Keep your pet's coat well groomed during the winter. Fur that's matted won't properly protect your pet from the cold.

Never leave your pet in a car during cold weather,

Remove ice, salt, mud, and snow from your pet's coat and paws as soon as possible. If the skin looks reddish, white, or grey, it could be frostbite and contact your veterinarian immediately.