Keeping cool as the temperature rises

Another day of scorching heat, and a heat index well over 100. We're not alone of course. 20 states are in some sort of heat warning or advisory. And 13 people have died from the hot temperatures across the country in the last few days. Most people are just trying to find a way to keep cool. And here in Lincoln, you have some options.

If you were outside today then you know how incredibly hot and humid it is. With temperatures reaching into the upper 90's it's safe to say Lincoln is hot, hot, hot!

And if you're looking for a way to enjoy the summer while beating the heat, just take it from these guys at the Trago park sprayground. It's a place where you can go to have fun, be silly, and of course, get real, real wet!

“It's our first time this year and it's, it's just nice to get away. We appreciate that the city has put out something for free for us all and we get to stay a little bit cool in the meantime,” Carissa Valenta said.

But if you need a little break from the water you have some other options. If your plan is to stay dry, the city's libraries are a great option.  You can go to get some work done, use the computers, play games, and of course find that great new book for free.

“I can go read and sit down, read a paper, or go and find me a book to read for when I get home. And like I said, it gets me out of the heat and gets my mind on other things,” Anthony Oler said.

And for those most vulnerable to this extreme heat, there's something for you as well. Lincoln's senior centers have a lot to offer besides air conditioning and a working fan. The Lake street Senior Center offers a full meal, group activities, and plenty of quality time.

“There's just so many wonderful activities for the people to come into the center and find help if they need it. And they can meet some new friends and it's good place to stay cool,” Kelle Brandt said.

The full meal at the Lake Street center is $3. But of course, the libraries and the sprayground are free!!