Keeping kids safe in the pool as temperatures rise

When it's this hot, a lot of kids like to cool off in the water. But that can be dangerous. When you think of summer you think of going to the pool-but many times younger kids find there way in the water without the skills needed to get out.

3-year-old Rayna is already picking up valuable skills that give her mom piece of mind. She's taking part in the float for life program at the YMCA-which teaches kids ages 9 months to 3 years to roll over on their back and float if they end up in the water without an adult.

“I'm completely 100% confident that she would float and not go down she will also will be a better swimmer in the long run super great program,” Angela Waller said.

A new study finds that every summer, a child dies every 5 days from drowning in a portable pool. That doesn't even take into account regular backyard pools.  That's why the Y says it's important for parents to be prepared.

“They need to be conscious of that it can happen any where at anytime and don't think it can't happen to you because it can so they need to be prepared,” Aquatics Director Melissa Pavlish said.

So as kids continue to splash around this summer, Waller says she's confident her little girl has learned the skills necessary to stay a float.

“Everybody should do it it's so important,” Waller said.

The YMCA offers swimming lessons for all age groups all summer long-there are even classes parents can take along side there children so they learn not to be afraid of the water and learn safety tips as well.

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