Keeping pets safe in the extreme heat

By: Ian Hest

As this week goes on, it's only getting hotter. For people with pets, the head does them no favors, so experts say you've got to be creative to keep them comfortable.

Those rising temps aren't just uncomfortable for you, they could also be a major issue for the furry member of your family. Pets, especially cats and dogs, can find the heat exhausting and can create problems much quicker than humans.

“They do not get rid of heat in the same manner that we do. We're much more efficient at cooling ourselves by breathing, but also through our pores, our sweat pores. Dogs and cats dissipate heat solely through their tongue,” said Bob Downey with the Capital Humane Society.

The Capital Humane Society says some panting is good but if it gets excessive, bring your pet inside. Also, be aware of disorientation, your pet can't ask you for help, even more of a reason to keep an eye out.

“A pet left in motor vehicles in weather like this can be in trouble in minutes,” said Downey. He also says another helpful tip might be changing up the time of day you go for a walk. If you usually go out in the afternoon when it's hottest, try the early morning or right before the sun goes down.

Those extra few degrees could make all the difference.

“Everything you do for yourself, everything you would do for your children, you should do for your pet,” Downey says.