Kerrey and Fischer wind down their campaigns

By: Sabrina Ahmed 

Time is close to running out for the two contenders for the US Senate.  It's now up to voters to decide who they want to take the seat.

Former Senator Bob Kerrey and State Senator Deb Fischer are trying to get the final word out about why they're the right choice to take Senator Ben Nelson's seat in Washington. 

“We've sensed the momentum since before the primary.  Nebraskans are very focused, they know this is an important election and they have their enthusiasm and that focus all the way through,” Fischer said. 

“I intend to keep my promises.  I've been endorsed by Republicans, I have endorsed Republican proposals, and I believe that's what it's gonna take to balance our budget,” Kerrey said. 

In the final campaigning hours, the two contenders say they're trying to keep the energy high after the long hours. Kerrey and Fischer both say they're optimistic about the outcome, and after the results come in, they're both ready to hit the ground running.

“If I win, my first calls will be to people who've helped me. There's an awful lot to get done between now and getting sworn in,” Kerrey said.

“We'll be organizing a team and I will be working very hard to represent the people of this state with honesty and integrity,” Fischer said.

Tuesday, the two Senate seat hopefuls have campaigning stops and will end the day with what they both call their “victory parties”. Fischer will be in Lincoln and Kerrey in Omaha. 

Fischer said she voted early and Kerrey will visit the polls in Omaha tomorrow. They both stress the importance of exercising your right to vote and taking on that responsibility.