Kerrey/Fischer reactions to health care ruling


Following is a statement from Dem. U.S. Senate Candidate Bob Kerrey on today's Supreme Court ruling:
Now that the court spectacle is over its time for Republicans and Democrats to put partisan politics aside and get down to business to find true cost containment solutions before we bankrupt the country.  I for one am confident I can work with Republicans to find common sense solutions that begin with establishing State based exchanges and supporting exciting initiatives by providers to lower costs and improve quality.”

Following today's Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of ObamaCare, U.S. GOP Senate candidate Deb Fischer released the following statement:  

“Today's Supreme Court ruling means the responsibility of repealing ObamaCare has been placed solely on the shoulders of Congress. 

“ObamaCare is an attempted government takeover of our healthcare system that is burdening American families and small businesses with crushing taxes and regulations.  

“There is a clear contrast in the Nebraska U.S. Senate race.  

“I support the full repeal of ObamaCare.  

“Bob Kerrey opposes repeal and has been a longtime advocate of a universal single-payer system that would eliminate private insurance companies.”  

“I disagree with Mr. Kerrey. More government and bureaucracy is not the solution, it is the problem. We can reduce health care costs in America by promoting more competition between insurance companies, enacting medical malpractice reform, updating information technology, and embracing preventive care.   

“In the Senate, I will work across party lines to implement free market reforms that will lower health care costs and improve accessibility for the uninsured.