Keystone Pipeline is back

Posted By: Rachel Hofstra

The nearly 12–hundred mile oil pipeline would run from Canada, through Nebraska, and to the Gulf of Mexico. Obama put a halt to this last year, but now it’s back.

"We are going to renegotiate some of the terms and if they’d like, we will see if we can get that pipeline built," President Donald Trump said.

President Trump signed an executive order allowing the government to reconsider the Keystone Pipeline. Governor Ricketts supports the action saying it will be good for Nebraskans.

"I do, I do favor Keystone. I think it will create jobs in our state and will help us become less dependent on foreign oil and of course the environmental impact studies say that it actually reduces carbon impact; it was part of what the Obama administration said," Governor Pete Ricketts said.

Some local landowners are not as supportive.

"This whole project has been sold to the American people under false pretenses," said, landowner, Randy Thompson.

Thompson says he has a real issue with how the government is taking their land for this project.

"Restricts your usage of some of that land and can put your water supply at risk. And your property rights are basically taken away from you and by a foreign company, which is a real thorn in our side," said Thompson.

Governor Ricketts says this is how they do business and is all part of the process.

"That’s part of what we do to create all the infrastructure here in our state, we’ve done that for roads, we’ve done that for other things; so again there is a process that it goes through and that’s perfectly appropriate," Gov. Ricketts said.

Ricketts says the next step will be for the Public Service Commission to begin its regulatory process.