Kids Count Nebraska Report

There's some bad news for children living in poverty. The annual Kids Count Report was released.  It says the number of child abuse and neglect reports in Nebraska have nearly doubled since 2002.  

Thousands of Nebraska families living in rural areas are barely getting by. The findings of the report shows children living in poverty could face an even tougher uphill battle of success than previously thought. The report shows that in 2005 there were nearly 14-thousand abuse or neglect reports investigated.  That is more than six-hundred reports from the year before.   

Almost half of all foster children in the state were forced to move to different foster parents four or more times.  Nebraska emergency hotlines for abuse or neglect are also seeing a jump in usage. The non-profit agency Voices For Children says many Nebraskans assume poverty is related to single family homes or minorities. When in fact, fifty-three percent of families living in poverty in Nebraska are headed by a couple. Seventy-two percent of children in low-income situations come from American born parents.  And forty-percent of poor children come from Caucasian parents. 

For more information on the Kids Count Report you can contact the Voices of Children in Nebraska at (402) 597-3100 or