Kids Get Chance to Shop With a Cop

        Christmas came early for a group of local kids. Sixty kids were given the chance to shop with a cop from the Lincoln Police Department and buy Christmas presents for their families Saturday morning.

        "I don’t have younger siblings or anything like that so I think that getting to spend time with these kids they teach me a lot about what’s going on with the younger generation these days which is always a good change of pace," said LPD officer Alex Salcedo.

        The kids were from three local elementary schools and chosen through the community learning centers.

        They were each given $150 to spend on gifts.

        Officers spent time getting to know the kids and teaching them about budgeting.

        "He’s been teaching me that we have to go with the lower prices first and then we have to calculate all the money together to see how much that would be and if it’s too much money we put some back," said Jaiah Willis.

        After their shopping trip police officers helped each child wrap their presents and Santa even showed up to greet kids and officers.