Kids exercise mind, body at Play Day

By: Hannah Paczkowski

It was a day of fun and games for middle school students at Woods Park.

“I thought I was weak, but I really wasn't!” Jaden Dennis said after the water ball game.

They're participating in the Lincoln Parks and Recreation's Play Day.

“They take a lot of care to make sure the kids have fun and that their time is occupied, they're not just sitting around,” Benjamin Kushner, a student's father, said.

Though games were a big part of the day, students took time to clear the mind.

“Each year we have on concentration of learning a lifetime skill and this year is yoga and it's been very, very popular,” Holly Lewis said.

A skill that energizes some kids.

“It lets me stretch and stuff when I'm tired,” Dennis said.

“It wakes me up,” Austin Dougherty said.

But it could also help with test anxiety, something some kids might experience as school starts.

“We've had several kids that we've had a lot of success with, being able to calm themselves where in before they might have acted out in some other ways,” Lewis said.

And as a parent, Kushner said it's been helping his girls.

“I think yoga's an excellent thing to present to kids of all ages and I know my daughters love it,” he said.

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