KLKN Pioneers Digital TV in Nebraska

In the early morning hours of August 31, 2002, KLKN-DT, Lincoln, NE became the first television station in Nebraska to broadcast in Digital Television. KLKN-DT is located on UHF Channel 31 and can be received via antenna through an integrated Digital Television set or through a DTV converter box hook up to an existing Television set. The coverage area is north to Wahoo and south to Cortland, NE, east to Ashland and west to Seward.(See the coverage map to the left)

KLKN-DT simulcasts with KLKN-TV, which means that you can use the TV listings for KLKN-TV to determine what will be on KLKN-DT. The switch to digital means a better picture and CD quality sound, if you have the right equipment. At present, KLKN-DT is not offered via cable TV and can only be received over the air via an antenna. Depending upon the distance from Lincoln, an outdoor antenna may be required to receive a signal.

KLKN-DT is owned and operated by Citadel Communications LLC.