Kuhn family honored with Magic Moment number two

Posted By: Sarah Fili


Friends of Rodney Kuhn say he would do anything for his co-workers. That saying was put to the test last month, when a crash left his co-worker unconscious and in a very dangerous situation.

For Rodney Kuhn November 9th was a normal day. After finishing their route, he and a co-worker were on their way to a landfill to dump their garbage trucks. But as they passed a construction site a concrete truck with an unsecured chute swung out and hit his co-worker’s truck- knocking him unconscious behind the wheel.

"Well when it struck him I was watching for brake lights. And checking for brake lights. And they never came on. So I swerved around him and I got in front of him at the intersection and I stopped him,” Rodney Kuhn (junior), Magic Moment winner, said.

Several months before that, he saved another co worker’s life, after he was run over by a garbage truck. Rodney’s boss, Linsay, wanted to give him some recognition. She says when it all happened, he never asked for a thank you.

"It’s far beyond what anybody expects. The fact that he’s doing that without being asked and asking nothing for it and really wanting no recognition is abnormal,” Linsay harms, Rodney’s boss, said.

Union Bank is honoring him with a Magic Moment. Rodney’s oldest daughter Haylie loves to create works of art. And the 7 year old got some gifts to do just that. Five-year-old Miley loves Barbies. So she got a Barbie dream house and a Frozen themed art kit!

Three-year-old Michael is obsessed with the cars movie. So he got a cars game rug and several cars to play with.

"Very nice! And good it’s not purple!" Rodney Kuhn said as he opened his first present.

Rodney loves the Vikings, so he got a sweatshirt to sport during game days! The family was also given some gifts for a few fun nights out. For this special family it’s a very Merry Christmas. In talking with Rodney, he says days like this remind him to always be grateful for what you have- you never know what could happen to you.