Lawmakers advance Indoor Tanning Act to 3rd round

Posted By: Hannah Paczkowski

After weeks of debate, the bill that puts restrictions on young people tanning indoors is moving on to the final round.

“We know as a society right now, we spend over two billion dollars a year treating skin cancers, that number's going to increase if we don't start looking at scaling back our exposure to harmful UV radiation,” Sen. Jeremy Nordquist of Omaha said.

This is the first time restrictions on tanning will be put into place in Nebraska. The bill would make it illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to tan indoors without a parent present. Tanning salons would also have to post warning signs about the potential health hazards.

We talked to one salon owner who said they already require parental consent for kids under 16. Their question is, why is the finger being pointed at them?

“If the American Cancer Society lists over exposure to natural sunlight as the number 1 cause for skin cancer, then why is he coming after tanning salons?” Max Tan owner Michelle Grubbs said.

Sen. Nordquist disagrees.

“It's not because the sun is getting any more powerful or because there's that much more exposure to the sun, it's because at the same time we've seen a very large increase in the number of younger people using tanning salons, using them at the age of 14 or 15,” he said.

Now that the bill has moved on to the final round, Senator Nordquist said he's optimistic it will pass.

“I'm very pleased that we're at a point where we can put regulations at place that'll help protect young individuals so they don't have those life–long health consequences,” he said.

 There's one more round of voting, then the bill is in the governor's hands.