Labor Day fun at the lake

Posted By: Rachel Hofstra

Branched Oak Lake was packed with boaters, campers, and people enjoying the outdoors Monday.

"We’ve been slack lining, some of us have been taken to that, little bit of swimming, Frisbee hasn’t really been happening because of the wind, and just some other yard games and maybe some grilling before too long," said Tony Schukei.

Soaking up the sun at the beach is one of the major activities people are doing this Labor Day weekend.

Branched Oak Lake was packed with people spending time with family and friends and enjoying the heat.

Businesses near by are also benefiting from the rush of people coming in.

"We’ve come out here a few times, and the business is usually pretty good, we get a lot of the lake traffic coming and going, and people are usually ready for a refreshment, either on their way out or back from the lake," said Doug Ivey, with Kona Ice.

Other near by businesses say it has been a trouble free weekend, from what they have seen, and compared to last year there is much less police activity.

They believe this may be due to the closing of Area 14 on the lake.