Lake Partially Shut Down Due to Toxic Algae

Pawnee Lake remains partially shut-down Wednesday night after toxic algae was found in the water. More than 20 people say they got sick from being in the lake, which is northwest of Lincoln. For right now there's no swimming, sailing, jet-ski's, or pets allowed at the lake. Recreational boating and fishing is being allowed.

A possible cause of the toxic algae are low water levels. More sunlight is hitting the algae on the lake bottom, releasing it's toxins

The Department of Health's restrictions on the lake will continue until the algae levels drop. But if you've already come in contact with the algae, and are experiencing symptoms like rash, nausea, and vomiting, the Health Department says, there's nothing you can do. You just have to ride out the symptoms. But if you have swallowed any of the lake water, that can create more serious conditions, and in that case you should contact a physician.

While the algae is not fatal to humans, veterinarians say smaller pets can die after exposure. The Health Department should receive tests results from the lake later in the week.