Lancaster County has new equipment for its mobile fleet

Posted By: Laurann Robinson

Lancaster County has some new equipment for its mobile fleet.

The new equipment is a radio system installed in the county’s trucks, tractors and semis.

Officials are most excited about the system’s GPS capabilities.

Updating the county’s radio system will cost about 77–thousand dollars.

Lancaster County Engineer, Pam Dingman, says the upgrade has exactly what the county needs.

"While conducting research, we discovered that a new system could have GPS capabilities which would allow us to track our fleet, and our people who work in the field," said Dingman.

She also says the GPS installed in the county’s engineering fleet could help out in more ways than one.

"Studies have shown the GPS tracking reduces fuel cost, increases employee efficiency, and improves maintenance."

County Shop Supervisor, Ron Bohaty, adds the GPS systems could also help keep employees safe in an emergency, since many work out in the field alone.

He says, "this system does allow us to have an emergency notification function that’s used on radios, so that if an event were to happen, they could hit a button and we’d know exactly where they’re at.”

Dingman adds, “a lot of departments the last few years have incorporated these systems, and so, they’ve become very popular because, again it’s good to know where people are at."

Dingman also explained, using a radio signal for GPS, instead of the traditional cellular waves, saves thousands of dollars, since the radio signal has no monthly charge.