Lancaster County launches new web site

If you like to do business over the Internet, Lancaster county has revamped its web site,and it's now more user friendly.

Whether it's paying bills or playing golf, you now have a more convenient way to get on line and get it done. The Lancaster County Commissioner's office says they've rearranged things on their web site hoping that anyone looking for information will have easy access.

Information like paying an electric bill, setting a tee time, filing a protest or getting information on how to get a marriage license. A tool, this soon to be wed couple, says could have been helpful.

“We had to get information about parents, birth dates, places and so we had to make calls this is actually our second time down here…so knowing that before would have saved some time,” Jeremy Medved and Jessica Freeze said.

Gwen Thorpe with the Lancaster County Commissioner's office says they've been sharing a web site with the city for several years, but hope the launch of their own independent site will help get information out to citizens faster than ever before.

“Having a joint web site can really slow down the process and really you can't get information out as quickly as you need to now,” Thorpe said.

And those using the services say they couldn't agree more… “Anything you can do online is really helpful, convenient.”

Thorpe says we could see more adjustments made to the web site in the future all to help make things easier on residents.

To get to their web site go to