Lancaster County Residents Get A Visit From Law Enforcement

Today Law Enforcement Officers were out in full force making sure sex offenders across Lancaster County are keeping up with new registry requirements.

Channel 8 Eyewitness News went along for the ride 

The Nebraska State Patrol, Sheriff's Office and the Lincoln Police Department hit the pavement today knocking on the doors of more than 200 sex offenders in Lancaster County.

“We have just under 50 officers out splitting up all those names and knocking on all of those doors the goal is to obviously make contact with all of them.”

Nebraska State Patrol Investigator Tim Arny says the checks are a way to make sure sex offenders are complying with the Nebraska's new registry law put into place earlier this year.

“The change in the law as of January 1st made all of the violations within the sex offender registration a class four felony at minimum.”

In the new law sex offenders are required to report for verification in person to their county sheriff's office quarterly through out the year.

Failing to comply could result in up to 5 years in prison, a 10 thousand dollar fine or both.

Arny says going door to door is one way to ensure the registry is working effectively when someone in the community goes to look at it.

“That's really why we are here to put things together and most of the officers out here feel the same way they are here to make sure their community is as safe as possible.”

Arny says obviously they wont be able to contact all of the offenders.

If someone isn't home they will leave a notice on the door and continue to check in with that offender.