Landis Vehicle Tax Reduction Proposal


Lincoln Senator Dave Landis of Lincoln says cutting taxes on cars and light trucks by at least 50 percent would be a better alternative to providing tax relief than Governor Dave Heineman's plan.

Landis is the chair of the legislature's revenue committee and Landis said cutting taxes on cars would be more visible and affect more people.  Each Year, the state collects about $158 million dollars on cars and trucks.    Landis will introduce a tax-cutting plan in the next legislative session that will be different than Heineman's.

Heineman's idea is to reduce the state income tax by three percent, eliminate the sales tax on home construction and repair labor and speed up tax levy lids for schools in the hopes property taxes will decline.  Heineman says a family of four earning about $55,000 and living in a $150,000 home would save about $100 a year under his plan. 

Republican Gubernatorial challengers Congressman Tom Osborne and Omaha Businessman Dave Nabity say more should be done to make government more efficient as well as cut taxes.