Largest Meth Lab In Lancaster County History

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate what they are calling the largest meth lab ever discovered in Lancaster County. After a tip from a realtor, who was trying to sell the home. Sheriff's deputies found the ingredients used to make meth and some live pipe bombs. The meth lab that deputies discovered in the home is capable of making around 20 pounds of meth at a time. The house which is near Davey and just North of 40th and Waverly Road has a small connection to one Lincoln family. Sheriff's deputies kept our crews a far distance away. One Lincoln family was especially shocked to find out what was going on inside the house.  They drove by to look at, and shoot video of the house. A house they  had no idea would become such a huge find for the Sheriff's Office…until they called the realtor. Crews remained on the scene Saturday night. Deputies say the resident of the house, 33-year old Clarence J. Grendahl was arrested this past Wednesday after police stopped him and found meth. And deputies say after the tip from the realtor they found a suspected meth lab in this house. Sheriff's deupties say it could take up to two days to dismantle the lab. They also add that all of the pipe bombs have been disarmed. The resident of the home, is in jail this evening.