Largest nativity scene in the U.S.

Posted By: Rachel Hofstra

Lincoln has a 20 foot nativity scene that is found at the Cristo Rey Church, near 42nd and J Street.

"I always enjoy coming here; it’s just amazing how much work he puts into it and it’s really good for the kids to see," said the Cosiegel family.

This is a year around project for the church. It showcases not only the birth of Jesus, but also his childhood as well as everyday life in Nazareth, Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

"Only nativity scenes like this one you would see in palaces in Europe or cathedrals’, so having it here in Lincoln is quite a privilege for people to enjoy," said Jose Herrero, Artistic Director.

Jose and his team travel all around the world getting inspiration for the nativity scene. Most of the buildings are made of foam, but they are all based off of the real thing. The display holds over 100 figurines and even has live fish in the water. The display opened on December 22nd and is free to the public.

"It’s a great opportunity for all ages to just come together as a family to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas," said Father Ramon Decaen.

The nativity scene is for more than just looks, it’s also helping the church raise money for a good cause. They are accepting donations to help build a church in Kenya and help an orphanage of abandoned handicapped children.

"Christmas is about giving; Christmas is about being generous and thinking about the people who are most in need. So a present for baby Jesus would be coming here to see it and being able to help us with those children that are in need," said Herrero.

The nativity scene will be open until January 8th from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M.