Last Day Of Summer At Public Pools

By:  Sabrina Ahmed

Kids had their last hoorah today at the local public pools, but that may mean good things for the drought.

With Lincoln Public Schools starting on Tuesday, the pools are closing up shop.

After they close, the pools are usually drained almost immediately, but not this time.  The water will sit until the chlorine wears off and then it will be re–used for watering parks, trees and other public property.

Even though this is good for the city, many pool goers say they'll have a tough time getting back into the swing of things after such a long, hot summer.  Lincoln resident Amanda Rodell says, “it's kinda sad that it's our last day—gotta go back to school, don't we?”  Kids, Cherawn, Xzavion, and Jamarus say “I'm really sad it's the last day of summer because I'm at the end of the pool.”

As for the water being donated, Star City Shores will donate about 100 thousand gallons and there are eight public pools here in Lincoln.